Information for attendees

  • Articles presented at the conference will be accessible by all attendants during both days of the conference.
  • Attendants will be able to login the conference platform during the two days of the conference; this will allow them to attend any presentation at a time of their choice.
  • Attendants will be able to submit (via text or voice) comments to articles of their choice using the conference platform during both days of the conference.  
  • Authors will be able to respond to comments they receive for their article during both days of the conference. This will be done through the conference platform. Authors are expected to respond to comments of participants regularly during the two days of the conference and at times of their choice.
  • The comments of all participants (including attendants) and the authors’ responses will be visible by all participants.
  • Attendants will also have the opportunity to send review comments and their personal evaluation to authors confidentially through a special form (Review Sheet) which will be available through the conference platform.  The Review Sheet will be forwarded to authors and the conference organizers.
  • Attendants will be able to access the full article of all authors (including posted articles) in both Flip Book and PDF format or in any other form, which authors may have chosen for presenting their articles
  • Attendants will receive (after the conference) in electronic form a copy of the ISBNed Conference Proceedings, as well as other conference publication(s).
  • All registered participants will receive a Certificate of Participation to the conference

Conference Articles (indicative list from conference of a previous year)

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